fredag den 26. oktober 2012

mandag den 22. oktober 2012

Lizard of the coast waving a flag of peace… PARTY !!

I made this just for the fun of it and its really relaxing as warmup for real work.

tirsdag den 16. oktober 2012

Greetings from the Ungabunga tribe .
Its been busy with work and unfurtunatley this is the only thing I had time for. 

søndag den 14. oktober 2012

 I present to you…..Brolio´z the strongman at Circ de Freak.

lørdag den 13. oktober 2012

What a snob !! 
This started a very different place but I liked the look on his face and ended up with this. Bit of a style clash with the hard shadows and soft skin……kinda works kinda don´t …..can´t decide. WAT U TINK?

YOU…shall not pass !!
Yes once again its total randomness :-) These are some warmup sketches that I do before actual work. It helps me loosen up and some may end here.

So I decided to upload this 10min sketch…..its not great but its something .
Actually did it as a warm up sketch for real-food-on-table-work.
Pure PS enjoy.

torsdag den 11. oktober 2012

“The adventures of Bobo and Fido was oh so short “
The linework was done using sketchbook pro and even though this program has its limits and hiccups it is really good considering the price.
Colors was done in Photoshop ……because its so much easier.

Late night doodling. This is a bad habit and I have to brake out of this sleeping cycle.     Just random scribblings with no logic behind other than I was listening to old Plaid records. So dreamy music :-) 
Can you spot Mario and the Turtle …

Being able to stretch your design and look can be a tricky thing….because its a fine line between having a unique style and having no style at all.
 So here a two very different approaches : a toony troll and some sci-fi characters.


WIP to RIP because the file was lost with a broken harddisc :-( buhuu for me.

Clean as a troll

Actually started out as a demo on how I work with various brushes and these trolls came out of it. The other one is just playing around after watching a bunch of FZD videos on youtube. Theres a lot to learn there but mostly I see them when Im way tired and can´t remember half of it ;-P

torsdag den 2. februar 2012


So this is

The window we share and post our designs and ideas for characters and doodles.

This one is a surfer dude inspired illustration, working with some new brushes in PS.

I often find that the sketch has more energy / life than the final piece , so I try to work on top of the ruff sketch by putting color directly on it.

Working digitally makes that easier than a traditional process.